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Resolution to close Supreme Court doors attracts discussion about access to justice symbolism

A small decision, no doubt made with best intent.  What are the larger implications moving forward?  Read Philip Kenicott’s Washington Post article here.

Roadmap to Justice White Paper now available for download

Please take a moment to download the recently issued white paper by Deborah L. Rhode and Dmitry Bam.  It explores the gap between principle and practice concerning access to justice, and what should be done to address it. Download the RTJ White Paper here.

Gillian Hadfield on making Access to Justice more affordable in the US

Read her editorial here in the Washington Post.

Lawrence Tribe to take new Access to Justice post at DOJ

Prominent Harvard law professor Laurence H. Tribe will join the Justice Department to lead an effort focused on increasing legal access for the poor. Tribe, 68, long viewed as a contender for a Supreme Court nomination in a Democratic administration, will serve as a senior counselor for access to justice. Read the Washington Post coverage […]

Equal justice under the law is one of America’s most proudly proclaimed legal principles, but it comes nowhere close to describing the justice system in practice.