Matthew Dimick

dimickProfessor Matthew Dimick, Buffalo School of Law

Matthew Dimick is currently Associate Professor of Law at the University at Buffalo School of Law. He holds a J.D. from Cornell Law School and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received a University Fellowship and wrote a dissertation on democracy within trade unions under Erik Olin Wright and Ivan Ermakoff. Between law school and graduate school, Dimick was a Law Fellow for the Service Employees International Union in Washington, D.C. Before coming to UB, he was a Law Research Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center.

Dimick’s research and teaching interests center on the law, policies, and politics of economic inequality. He has taught courses in federal income taxation, tax policy, comparative corporate governance, labor law, employment law, and comparative and international labor and employment law. Methodologically, he pursues his research interests by building formal models of comparative law and politics to analyze the distribution and redistribution of income in advanced industrial societies. Current research projects include a theoretical and empirical study of the relationship between altruism, income inequality, and preferences for redistribution in the United States; a formal model of the role of labor market institutions in redistributive politics that revises the predictions of standard political economy models of redistribution; and a theoretical and case-study analysis of the politics of regulating low-wage work in advanced industrial societies.

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