Giovanna Massarotto

Dr. Giovanna Massarotto is Academic Fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation and Competition (CTIC) at University of Pennsylvania and affiliate at the UCL Center for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT). Her research focuses on antitrust issues as they are related to technologies, with a concentration on AI and blockchain technologies. She is an active scholar who has published a book “Antitrust Settlements: How a Simple Agreement Can Drive the Economy” with Wolters Kluwer, which presents the antitrust consent as a tool to combine law, economics and computer science in both U.S. and EU jurisdictions. In addition to the book, Giovanna has published multiple papers in prestigious journals including the Journal of Competition Law & Economics, the John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law, as well as the Stanford Computational Antitrust. She has been invited to lecture and speak by several organizations, including the OECD, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and multiple universities, such as the University of Oxford, The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics-Codex and the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI) in Washington D.C.. Prior to Penn, she spent two years in the United States as a visiting research fellow at Fordham University in New York and in Washington D.C. working for an economic consulting firm specialized in antitrust and IP law; she was Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford and taught for The University of Iowa and Bocconi University as an Adjunct Professor.

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