Stanford Crypto Policy Conference

WHEN November 15-16, 2022
WHERE Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center

Hosted by Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford Cyber Policy Center, and Stanford Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX)

About the Conference: The lack of clear, comprehensive regulations governing the global crypto economy serves no one’s legitimate interests. Technology is racing ahead of legal structures that were never designed to address challenges of the sort presented by cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, decentralized finance, and myriad other innovations. The resulting tension between innovation and regulation creates difficult challenges for legislators, regulators, and innovators alike. While regulatory bodies worldwide are diving into the crypto debate, jurisdictional differences, along with a lack of common standards, create uncertainties for crypto businesses operating globally.

The Stanford Crypto Policy Conference addresses these challenges head on. The Conference convenes legislators, regulators, industry leaders, scholars, and attorneys from around the world to explore and propose strategies for regulating the global crypto economy. The goal is to generate a portfolio of strategies that support socially responsible, balanced, comprehensive, and coordinated crypto-regulatory regimes in the United States and abroad. Participants will explore key challenges facing the industry, analyze existing and proposed regulatory regimes, and consider alternative strategies for effectively regulating the crypto economy as it becomes more mainstream.

How to Attend: This is an in-person event only. Sessions will not be recorded in order to promote a more candid dialogue among participants.

Registration Information: By invitation only. Registration is required to receive access to the event.

Contact Information: For information about logistics and registration, email

For substantive questions and information about the Stanford Crypto Policy Conference, please contact Kristen Savelle, Managing Director of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance, at (650) 723-6229 or

Digital Assets Week: Stanford Crypto Policy Conference is part of a broader Digital Assets Week that is taking place at Stanford University from November 14-17, 2022.