Plenary Session: Recovering from a Corporate Crisis

Every board has to be ready to deal with an existential crisis, but many boards have revealed themselves unprepared when facing the challenge. Whether the crisis is similar to the ones faced at Wells Fargo, Wynn Resorts, General Electric, or Uber—or involves matters that are entirely different—boards have to be prepared to rise to challenge […]

Plenary Session: Listening to your Shareholders

Major shareholders increasingly insist that boards of directors be attentive to shareholder preferences, including as to matters of social policy. Investors are pressuring boards to address social and economic challenges such as the lack of diversity in corporate leadership, workforce automation, and income inequality. One of the world’s largest asset managers recently demanded that CEOs […]

Plenary Session: Hot Topics for Boards in 2018

The controversies facing corporate boards are becoming increasingly difficult and fractious. In addition to traditional concerns over shareholder activism, board diversity, cyber-security, CEO succession, and shareholder engagement, boards today face a gamut of newly evolving challenges. What role should boards play in responding to #MeToo? Corporations are pressured to take positions on social policy and […]