The Future of Blockchain Ethics

This panel is motivated by a foundational premise: blockchain will have a profound impact on technology, economics, and society, and so requires special thought to ensure that we’re moving forward in a responsible manner. This includes both prospective and retrospective analysis in order to capture the full range of ethical questions that may arise.
For the purposes of this panel, we will focus on three dimensions of ethics in a blockchain context. The first is to examine ethical issues that arise because of blockchain. The second concerns how we can use blockchain to further our existing ethical ideas. Lastly, we will discuss the ways in which blockchain technology can transform ethics, or otherwise present a new lens with which to conceptualize ethical frameworks.
As we move toward the year 2030, important questions bubble up to the surface. Chief among these: what does an ethical deployment of blockchain technology look like, and how did we get there?

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Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law and Policy