Guido Governatori

Senior Principal Researcher and Team Leader, Data61, CSIRO

Guido Governatori is a Senior Principal Researcher at Data61 CSIRO where he leads the Legal Informatics Research Team. He received his PhD in Legal Informatics from the University of Bologna. His research focuses on the use of logic and formal models for the representation of norms. In particular he has developed conceptually sound and computationally oriented approaches to legal reasoning that have proved suitable for practical applications (for example in the field of business process compliance, and e-contracts). He served on the executive board of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law, and has been the program chair of conferences such has DEON (Deontic Logic in Computer Science), Jurix (Legal Knowledge and Information Systems) and ICAIL (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law). He is a co-chair of the OASIS LegalRuleML technical committee, and the editor of the Deontic Logic corner of the Journal of Logic and Computation and the Agents and Norms section of the Artificial Intelligence and Law journal.

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