Irina Zaks

Co-Founder and Web Developer, Fibonacci Web Studio

Irina Zaks is the founder of Fibonacci Web Studio, a company focused on developing advanced web solutions for research and academia. She is a web developer, a technology teacher, and an open-source software evangelist with Stanford Open Source Lab.

Formerly a web developer for Stanford Law School, Irina is passionate about bringing cutting edge web tools to academic research. Her goal is to give researchers the tools that integrate data such that users can interact with and utilize the research results, without sacrificing complexity or creating unnecessary duplicate work. Rapid prototyping, visualization, and analytical tools are part of her vision for a perfect research app. Sharing critical findings with other researchers and the general public promotes open data concepts.

Irina graduated from the University of Latvia with an MS in quantum physics, and has worked in data networks, the communication industry, and nonprofit organizations. Since 2001, her time and heart has gone into building websites that support research, education, and communities.

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