Metin Eskili

Software Developer, Stanford Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School

Metin Eskili recently joined the Legal Design Lab as its developer and technologist. A full-stack developer who builds access to justice technology for the Lab, his first main project is in machine learning, an exploratory project that feeds into a much larger, multi-year Access to Justice/AI effort, training a machine to be able to recognize different families of legal issues, or even very fine-grained specific issues. A small initial task seeks to correctly classify official, court or legal aid self-help resources, with an ultimate aim to connect people more directly to the best legal resource to fit their particular legal issue. Toward this end, Metin has built a scraper to go through all of the court and statewide legal self-help websites, gathering guides, forms, FAQs, decision trees and other materials that have been published by courts and legal aid groups, to help people without lawyers get through court processes.

Metin holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Sakarya, and has more than seven years’ experience in web development and more than three years’ experience in Android development. Metin mostly works with universities for education platforms.

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