Dharmishta Rood

Dharmishta Rood believes that technology has the capacity to facilitate positive change in the world. At Singularity University she runs the leadership opportunities within the diverse community. These leaders work with SU to convene local participants around the world. Prior to SU, she worked most recently at Code for America, leading programs for companies, including an Accelerator, an incubator and an awards program.

Before that, she was a Fellow in Psychology at Harvard, a Fellow at MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media, wrote cases, industry reports and researched the Internet at Harvard Business School, and was a researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. While in Cambridge, she co-founded and co-directed MIT’s festival for entrepreneurs in conjunction with the Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, and started a security consulting non-profit, Securing Change.

Dharmishta is the winner of the 2006 UCLA Art in the Union, where her art is on permanent display at UCLA, and a National Quill and Scroll Photojournalism Award. She holds an EdM from Harvard University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA with a BA in Design | Media Arts.

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