Matti Schneider

International Lead, OpenFisca

Matti Schneider has worked for the public good in a variety of positions over the years: as founder of a startup on sustainable mobility, CPO of a startup serving public healthcare, civil servant in the French Prime minister open-data task force Étalab, in the core team that forged the State Startups incubator, and as author of papers on public innovation and commons governance (

In 2017-2018, he took a round-the-world trip looking for different takes at public innovation, during which he presented on 3 continents, coached public Lean Startup efforts in the Pacific, and joined New Zealand’s Government Service Innovation Lab to push the “Government as a platform” mindset. He is now Chief Innovation Officer at the Office of the French Ambassador for Digital Affairs.

Matti has been involved with “legislation as code” (also known as “computational law”) since 2014, from the initial open-sourcing of the OpenFisca law modelling tool to developing it into a production-ready engine powering applications used by tens of thousands of users on a daily basis. He consolidated and lead the team after it won the 2016 Open Government Partnership global hackathon, developing the product across agencies and internationally. OpenFisca is now used in 8 different countries.

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