The Pioneering Work of Prof. Deborah Rhode, the Future of Regulation of the Legal Profession, and its Impact on Legal Innovation

Legal scholars and a legaltech founder reflect on the real-world implications and impact of Prof. Rhode’s scholarship connecting regulation of legal services, innovation, and access to justice.

  • What are the specific obstacles in current regulations for those seeking to build “one to many” solutions that serve consumers? How can one work around those obstacles, and how effective are those workarounds?
  • What is the “regulatory sandbox” approach being used in Utah and explored in California, and how is the risk-based approach to regulation used in Utah different from the standard approach to regulating the provision of legal services in the U.S.?
  • What should be the priorities for the new generation of legal scholars and legal technologists working to advance legal innovation and access to justice?

Moderator: Prof. Nora Freeman Engstrom, Stanford Law School