Fariba Sadri

Fariba Sadri received her PhD from Imperial College London in 1988, and has been an academic in the Department of Computing there since. Her earlier work was on temporal reasoning and integrity constraints in deductive databases. Her integrity checking methods were integrated into the deductive database system at the European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC), Munich, and Bull (also known as Bull SAS, Groupe Bull, Bull Information Systems). Her work on temporal reasoning in the Event Calculus has contributed to temporal database technology both on EU projects and at ECRC.

After that her work focused on intention recognition, agent technologies and multi-agent and reactive systems. She has worked on logic-based agent models, reasoning, dynamic belief revision, and inter-agent communication and negotiation. She has been awarded multiple UK EPSRC and EU grants as PI or co-PI. Most recently she was awarded Pathways to Impact EPSRC grants to explore with an SME the commercial potential of LPS, a logic agent system developed by Kowalski and Sadri, and also a grant by the Thai Research Agency and a consortium of nine companies to develop LPS for a SCADA platform for SMEs.

She has published many research papers and chaired and served on programme and steering committees of many international events.

As Director of Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Computing at Imperial she has extensive experience in curriculum development and teaching and learning.

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