Opening Plenary

The Agents of Change “World Café” — a collaborative inquiry into how clinics can continue to serve as agents of change while engaging in impactful legal work and molding the professional identities of our students.


Appetizer Round (20 minutes)

Menu question: A shared vision of agents of change?

In a fractured and divisive political environment how do clinics define what we mean by being agents of change?


Entrée Round (20 minutes)

Menu question: Harmonizing conflicting visions of agents of change?

In light of expanding experiential learning requirements, clinics now receive a broader range of students. How do clinics provide valuable experiences for students who may have conflicting views of what change, if any, is necessary?


Dessert Round (20 minutes)

Menu question: Collaborating as Agents of Change?

How might clinics collaborate across disciplines and across schools within our region to enhance our work as agents of change?


After Dinner Group Discussion (30 minutes)

Discussion of the insights and ideas that came through the table interactions.