How to Brief a Case

Professors Rabia Belt, Marcus Cole, and Nora Engstrom will explain various approaches and offer advice on how to brief a case. This session is required for 1Ls, Advanced Degree students are welcome to attend.

Student Life Outside the Classroom

Should I join a journal or take part in a Pro Bono project? What about student groups? With so many activities and interests vying for your attention, it’s hard to know how to prioritize. Student representatives will talk about the extracurricular options available, and how to balance outside activities with coursework.

Maintaining Your Visa Status

International students (only) should attend this session for your official visa check-in at Stanford, and learn about the legal requirements of your visa and services for international students at Stanford. This session is mandatory in order to register for classes. Meet at the Calder sculpture, Le Faucon, in front of the law school (on the […]