Orientation – Part II

Does your stomach jump in to your throat at the thought of cold-calls? Professor Bankman will give you a cognitive behavioral approach to dealing with anxiety in and out of the classroom.

Do you worry about how you’ll get everything done and still make time for self-care? Professor Tyler will teach you some mindfulness techniques you can use daily.

These approaches will give you tools to use not only in school, but also in practice. This event has garnered positive reviews from students who attended in past years, so don’t miss it!

We purposely schedule this session after Orientation, once you’ve had time to experience the classroom environment. Even if you think you don’t have time, or don’t need it, we want you to attend. We’ll even provide a delicious lunch as incentive.

Check out Professor Bankman’s SLS WellnessCast podcast: https://law.stanford.edu/media/wellnesscast/
Check out Professor Tyler’s article on student self-care: https://scholarship.law.berkeley.edu/bjcl/vol21/iss2/1/


1L Advanced Degree
Location: Room 180 Date: September 13, 2019 Time: 12:45 pm - 3:00 pm Joe Bankman Ron Tyler