Morning Break Outs

Participants choose which Break Out track they most want to work on. In these tracks, a lead facilitator will guide participants to share their own experiences, work, and strategies. Each track will find common practices and insights across their different jurisdictions and policy areas.

Some of the themes will center on:

  • Prototyping Methods for Policy-Making: What is a policy prototype — especially those that go beyond service prototypes, but that deal with multi-stakeholder, ambiguous, systemic policy challenges? And what are methods to create these early versions of new policies and systems – in ways that are more creative, exploratory, and agile than typical policy-making cycles?
  • New Policy-Making Cycles: What does a more agile, participatory, data research, prototype-driven policy cycle look like? What are use cases that show which methods work at what point in a cycle?
  • Collaborations with Public and Private Institutions: How can governments better work with universities, non-profits, company labs, and entrepreneurs — to build effective relationships that facilitate development of new prototypes, evaluation of them, and implementation that can lead to impact?
  • Prototyping for the Future: How can we prototype for emerging technologies, future trends, and other complex, long-term planning?

The Break Out group will create work product: one-page captures of new processes, case studies, and/or methods that they can share with other policy-makers.

Location: studios Date: November 9, 2018 Time: 10:45 am - 12:00 pm
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