Paying for Freedom: The Movement to End Money Bail

Sponsor: SPARC On any given day, nearly half a million people sit in jails across the United States because they have been accused—but not convicted—of a crime. Despite being presumed innocent, the vast majority of those individuals are there because they cannot afford to post bail. This system of money bail disproportionately impacts low-income people of […]

UnDACAmented or Undocumented: Narratives in the Debate for Immigration Reform Post-DACA

Sponsors: Stanford Advocates for Immigrants’ Rights (SAIR) and Hastings Students for Immigrants’ Rights (HSIR) This panel brings together the perspectives of academics, lawyers, and activists to discuss DACA, the DREAM Act and its progeny. We will highlight the narratives that undocumented/DACAmented activists have used and are using to advocate for themselves and the larger undocumented population. […]

Intersectional Approaches to Gendered Violence

Sponsor: SLS GiVe This panel will focus on the intersection between gendered violence and systemic oppression. Societal power dynamics play a powerful role in gendered violence, from who is more likely to be a survivor to who is likely thought of as a perpetrator to which survivors receive culturally appropriate support. In the U.S., there […]