How Can I Participate



We warmly invite you to join us at SLS in person to celebrate each other’s achievements; reflect on the evolution, over twenty years, of the SPILS program, Stanford Law School, and law and society international scholarship; meet other SPILS fellows old and new; and form a stronger network of SPILS alums around the world. We are particularly excited that Professors Lawrence Friedman and Rogelio Perez-Perdomo will be holding a special “SPILS Law and Society seminar,” for old times’ sake. During the weekend there will be plenty of opportunity to network and socialize, hear from the SPILS program founders, teaching fellows and other SPILS alums, and meet with current faculty, staff and students at SLS.

Please register to attend by September 16, 2015.  Our list of SPILS alums may not be complete, so we ask you to contact your classmates and friends and encourage each other to attend.



One of the ways we encourage you to actively participate is to speak at our roundtable discussions. We are planning a series of roundtable discussions featuring SPILS alums on your career pathways. The audience will be fellow SPILS alums and the SLS community. We ask you to reflect on your time at SLS, your career paths since SPILS, what opportunities became open to you after SPILS, and whether and how the Program prepared you for the challenges of life after SLS. We want to hear about the many different career pathways that SPILS alums have chosen, wherever you may be around the world, whether in academia, practice, public service, or something completely off the beaten path.

If you would like to participate in one of our roundtables, please send us a general description (no more than 250 words) of the issue you would like to address in the presentation. Your contribution can be either personal or academically oriented. For example, it could be a reflection on your personal experiences as a SPILS fellow, the evolution of the SPILS program, its impact on your career paths, or the projections of the program in the coming years.  The more academically-oriented may, for example, look into the transformations of the legal fields at the national or international levels, or how scholarship in your research area of law has evolved since your time at SPILS. Please send us a short email at with your name, year of graduation, current position and your proposal as soon as possible and no later than August 14, 2015.

We think this will be a terrific opportunity to share with your colleagues your thoughts about the program and its impact on your life, while also helping us in our shared goal to strengthen our SPILS alumni community.

For comments, questions or suggestions about the roundtable discussions, please contact Gilat Bachar or Diana Guzmán.



We would love to compile a SPILS archive, to be displayed around SLS during the weekend and included in a commemorative publication, space-permitting. We would love to have copies of any group photographs of each class, photographs of your time at SLS, video recordings of significant events, archival notes or documents of interest, newspaper or other publications about you or the SPILS program, or any other item of significance to you and your classmates of your time as a SPILS fellow.

We would also love to share in your achievements post-SPILS, whatever they may be. Please send us links to your articles, publications, books; your artistic endeavors such as films, musical pieces, paintings, or poetry; information about a firm you started, a company, nonprofit or project; or even something significant to your personal life such as photos of your families, children, or grandchildren.

Please email us by August 31, 2015.  Please make sure you also include a brief caption, and/or names of the people in photos. If the file is too big or is a hardcopy and cannot be sent electronically, please contact us.



We are also creating a video collection of short vignettes about SPILS fellows around the world. We encourage you to shoot a short video of yourself with a greeting and a few words about your time at SLS and your lives after SPILS. You may like to talk about your favorite memory, or your most memorable moments. We hope to play the videos in a loop in an exhibit and/or shown at one of the events.

The videos should be no more than 2 minutes. We can accept most video formats. Please email us by August 31, 2015. If the file is too big and cannot be sent electronically, please contact us.