Classbook FAQs


What is the deadline to submit my page?
September 2


What if my photos are not in digital format?
We understand that some photos from your time at the school might be in boxes in a closet somewhere, so please dig them out and scan them! (Just make sure to change the scanner setting to 300 DPI.)


Do I have to answer all of the questions to create my page?
Nope! Those are there to prompt updates your classmates may wish to hear about, but we value your time and desire for privacy. Answer as few or as many as you wish; how much you share is up to you.


Can I edit my page after I submit it?
Yes… and no.
Yes, even after you complete your page, you can return to it to make updates.
However, once the submission deadline has passed, access will be removed while the Classbooks are compiled into a digital, password-protected book. After the book is made available to you and your classmates, then Meno Reunion Books can go back into your page to make the edit(s) you wish. Please note, though, that any prior PDF copies of the books will not be updated. Once a book is made into a PDF, your edit will not be reflected in any PDF copies that your classmates have. It will only be updated in the digital, online, password-protected version.


Will this book be printed?
To save on printing costs and the cost to the environment, we have elected not to print any of the Classbooks for any reunion class. The books are printable, so you need only download the digital copy and take either a digital or print version to a printing company.


If you are having technical difficulties, please contact Mark Harding with Meno Reunion Books at Alternatively, you may reach out to the Alumni Weekend Planning Team at