Industry <> Researcher Collaboration: Sharing insights from the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund

In efforts to increase connectivity and invigorate the digital innovation ecosystem, there is an opportunity to promote cohesive approaches on digital platforms to make them safer for all users and especially for the most vulnerable – children and young people. The Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund focuses specifically on efforts around online child sexual exploitation and abuse. The lessons learned from this initiative are broadly applicable to the Trust & Safety community working at the intersection of independent research and industry policy and practice. The purpose of the Research Fund is to generate impact through the ultimate development of tools and resources for tech industry as well as for researchers to utilize around the shared mission of keeping children safe online. In this session, you will hear about the unique way companies and independent researchers engage through the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund; hear insights and impact from the independent research to date; and have the chance to exchange with collaborators in this novel initiative.

LOCATION: Fisher Conference Center, Lane/Lyons/Lodato
DATE: September 29, 2023
TIME: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
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