Lightning Talks feature five minute rapid fire presentations on research, product ideas, and survey findings presented with time for questions.

Moderator: Marietje Schaake (Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center)

Presentations (presenters are marked with an *):

A Scalable Framework for Mitigating Harm on Social Media
Jennifer Allen* (MIT Sloan School of Management); Adam Berinsky (MIT); David Rand (MIT)

Future Challenges for Online, Crowd-sourced Content Moderation: Evidence from Twitter’s Community Notes
Sharanya Majumder* (Brookings Institution); Valerie Wirtschafter (Brookings Institution)

No-Media CSAM Networks Operating Inside Social Media: Recognition Phase
Carolina Christofoletti* (University of São Paulo)

The Rise in Online Sexual Extortion Schemes Targeting Minors: The Cross-Platform Complexity, Drivers, and Characteristics
Avi Jager* (ActiveFence)

Gender Blind Spots in Content Moderation of the Far-Right
Eviane Leidig* (Tilburg University)

Now We Got Bad Blood: Exploring Harassment Dynamics Within the Online Taylor Swift Fandom
Cristina López G.* (Graphika); Avneesh Chandra (Graphika)

Exploring the Use of LLMs in Moderating Mental Health Content on Social Media: Insights from BlueFever
Karen Mosoyan* (BlueFever); Kristine Gloria (Blue Fever)

Challenging “Problematic” Internet Usage
Ashley Marie Walker* (Google)

Toward a Common Baseline Understanding of Trust and Safety Terminology
David Sullivan* (Digital Trust and Safety Partnership); Farzaneh Badiei (Digital Trust and Safety Partnership); Alex Feerst (Digital Trust and Safety Partnership)

Content Moderator Coping Strategies: A Qualitative Study
Ruth Spence* (Middlesex University); Elena Martellozzo (Middlesex University); Jeffrey DeMarco (Middlesex University)

LOCATION: McCaw Hall Mainstage
DATE: September 28, 2023
TIME: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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