Lightning Talks feature five minute rapid fire presentations on research, product ideas, and survey findings presented with time for questions.

Moderator: Daphne Keller (Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center)

Presentations (presenters are marked with an *):

Content Modeling in Multi-Platform Multilingual Social Media Data
Arman Setser* (Graphika); Libby Lange (Graphika); Lotus Ruan (Graphika); Vladimir Barash (Graphika)

The Role of Advertisers and Platforms in Monetizing Misinformation: Descriptive and Experimental Evidence
Wajeeha Ahmad* (Stanford University)

RCTs Prove Instagram Campaigns Can Have Lasting Counter-Disinfo Effect
Debra Lavoy* (Reality Team)

Partisan conflict over content moderation is more than disagreement about facts
Ruth Elisabeth Appel* (Stanford University); Jennifer Pan (Stanford University); Margaret E. Roberts (University of California, San Diego)

Breaking Echo Chambers Using a Sound-Based Nudge Technology
Kazutoshi Sasahara* (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Bruno Toshio Sugano

The Role and Influence of Perceived Experts in an Anti-Vaccine Misinformation Community
Mallory Harris* (Stanford University); Maddy Jalbert (University of Washington); Luke Williams (University of Washington); Ryan Murtfeldt (University of Washington); Shufan Wang (University of Washington); Erin Mordecai (Stanford University); Jevin West (University of Washington)

Political Gambit of Censoring Under the Guise of Preventing Disinformation: Regulatory Developments in Turkey
Burak Haylamaz* (Centre for Information Policy Leadership)

Exposure to Misinformation: What Do (and Don’t) We Know?
Ryan Moore* (Stanford University); Ross Dahlke (Stanford University); Jeff Hancock (Stanford University)

The Power of Storytelling: Shujaaz’s Journey to Segment Social Media Audiences for Positive Change on Sexual and Reproductive Health.
Anastasia Mirzoyants* (Shujaaz Inc.)

LOCATION: Fisher Conference Center, Barnes/McDowell/Cranton
DATE: September 29, 2023
TIME: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
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