Is Your Unicorn Really, Really, Really a Unicorn?

Professor Ilya Strebulaev of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business has conducted groundbreaking research on the valuation of unicorns. His work, featured in numerous leading publications, documents that “headline” valuations commonly overstate a unicorn’s true value. In this session, Professor Strebulaev explains his methodology and findings, and offers practical advice that VCs can apply when evaluating […]

Managing a Fund: Things You Don’t Think About Until They’re a Problem

Managing a venture capital fund often involves complex challenges that aren’t obvious at a fund’s inception. This session addresses several of these issues, including: Recycling capital; Reserve planning for follow-on investments; Crossover investments between funds; What to do at year 10 and beyond in a 10-year fund; and Allocation and vesting of carry within the […]

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

Allegations of sexual harassment have rocked the venture capital community. Many firms have to confront gender-related challenges at both the VC level and within each portfolio company. This session reviews best practices for addressing these important challenges, and emphasizes strategies that combat harassment and promote cultures of inclusion and respect. This session will also review […]