Breakout Session 2: Corporate Venture Capital: Practical Guidance For The Strategic Funding Alternative

“Ignoring corporate venture capital means bypassing 25 percent of venture dollars, not to mention strategic benefits like access to infrastructure, scaling expertise, and new partnership opportunities. This would be a very expensive mistake for many entrepreneurs!” – Claudia Fan Munce Claudia Fan Munce, Venture Advisor at NEA and former Managing Director and Vice President of […]

Breakout Session 1: When the Stuff Hits the Fan

As every VC knows, many more deals fail than succeed. This session addresses the challenge of managing failure efficiently. Among the topics addressed will be techniques for replacing a founder-CEO; methods for negotiating down rounds or insider-led financings; and strategies for selling portfolio companies that have not lived up to expectations. Session Material: a VC […]

Breakout Session 1: Securities law risks for VC-backed firms

Constant pressure for growth combined with an urge to “move fast and break things” has drawn attention from the SEC, the Department of Justice, and other regulatory agencies. The SEC’s recent enforcement action against Zenefits, controversies involving Uber, and reports of conduct at Theranos all highlight the extent to which VC-backed firms can wind up […]