Plenary Session – Fostering a Diverse, Inclusive and Ethical Culture of Success

A series of scandals and lawsuits have increased scrutiny of cultural and ethical norms within the venture capital ecosystem. But in the age of unicorns and instant social media attention, ethics challenges and cultural missteps can affect a broader range of investors, employees, and customers and risk unwanted regulatory scrutiny and reputational harm. Empowered employees are also raising awareness of unethical business practices and toxic workplace cultures. Venture capitalists have faced their own ethical crises, including a wave of #MeToo allegations and challenges to diversity.

What is a positive organizational culture and how do you create and reinforce it while still innovating at speed and scale? This session will consider how venture capitalists, leaders, and advisors can establish strong culture and values at their own firms and at the portfolio companies they are helping to build.


Session Material

Location: Paul Brest Hall - Munger Graduate Residence Date: March 26, 2019 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Heather Gates Sarah Larson Cat Lee Chris Yeh
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