Gaurav Jain

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Afore Capital

Gaurav is one of the founders of Afore Capital, the largest venture fund ($124M) dedicated to pre-seed investments. Afore invests at the “prototype” stage, and leads rounds with a check of $500K-1M.

Previously, Gaurav was with Founder Collective for over 4 years where he invested in companies like Cruise Automation, Firebase and Dia&Co.

Gaurav was one of the first Product Managers for Android (led the Nexus product line) and he joined the platform when it had less than 5% market share. He was recognized with the Founders Award, highest employee achievement award at Google, for his contributions to Android.

Gaurav also co-founded Polar in 2007, a leading native ads platform based in Toronto, Canada.

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