David Fisher

CEO, Integra Ledger

David Fisher is the founder and CEO of Integra Ledger, the permissioned blockchain for the global legal industry. Immediately prior to Integra Ledger, David was the founder of Privātim, a collaboration platform for law firms and their clients. His experience developing Privātim led to the insight that distributed ledger and blockchain technology, combined with modern cryptography, can provide a new opportunity for legal service delivery: authoritative systems of record that are securely shared between firms and clients. With Integra Ledger, the goal is a universal backbone and technology platform that empowers law firms and clients to interact and interoperate with much greater efficiency and security. In addition to Integra Ledger’s direct benefits to providers and consumers of legal services, it provides a unified, interoperable, global legal technology ecosystem that empowers legal software companies to innovate and compete to deliver new products and services, including cutting edge technologies in the area of artificial intelligence.

David is a graduate of Rice University and Harvard Business School.  A life-long entrepreneur, he has founded several companies, including Millennium Venture Group, which pioneered the systemized development and financing of chains of small format retail stores. MVG worked with prominent national and international brands, winning the Design Build Institute of America’s national award for its cutting-edge store design for Lavazza Coffee. MVG was also one of the companies that was instrumental in T-Mobile’s original national expansion in the US. Outside of work, he is a past chairman of the board of Youthbiz, a leading non-profit serving inner city youth, and he loves to coach and play lacrosse.  David resides just outside of Denver, Colorado, with his wife and two children.

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