Stanford CodeX Blockchain Law and Policy Summit 2021 

In January 2021, CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, is organizing a Blockchain Law and Policy Summit, online, across two days of focused discussion. The convening will be an invitation-only gathering on the theme of legal/regulatory developments, bringing together topics covered by, and contributors to, our Blockchain Group projects, Stanford RegTrax and the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law and Policy

This year’s summit will consist of a number of relevant areas, including US and Global regulation, decentralized dispute resolution, stablecoins/CBDCs/DeFi, blockchain in legal education, institutional innovation, antitrust, and privacy.

Following the summit, edited recordings of the discussions will be made available publicly, for feedback and comments, and to help seed the new Blockchain Education Initiative. The CodeX Blockchain Group will be arranging further convenings to continue the substantive discussions, both in public, and as part of smaller, private roundtable discussions.

Pre-eminent Blockchain Law and Policy Gatherings

In 2019 and 2020, as part of Stanford’s annual FutureLaw gathering, the pre-eminent conference on the Future of the legal industry and profession, the CodeX Blockchain Group convened standalone events with multiple panels, engaging via education, workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions aimed at FutureLaw attendees: lawyers, in-house counsel, corporate and compliance executives, policymakers, regulators, legal and blockchain technologists, and investors seeking to expand their knowledge of the current issues being considered at the intersection of law and blockchain. These gatherings address key issues and concepts for attendees to understand for the purposes of:

  • serving current and upcoming business and client use-cases, and identifying and highlighting legal issues, risks, and important opportunities;
  • enabling interdisciplinary, collective sensemaking, knowledge, and skill-sharing around critical blockchain technologies and their role in supporting global policy-makers, community-leaders, and their professional legal advisors; and
  • seeding ongoing work and collaborations with other attendees and Blockchain Group members.

Stanford CodeX Blockchain Law Group

At CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists work side-by-side to advance the frontier of legal technology and computational law. Since 2015, CodeX has been featuring leading academics and practitioners from the blockchain ecosystem in its conferences. Since 2018, the Blockchain Group at CodeX has been convening regularly to research and publish informed perspectives around the blockchain ecosystem; track, guide and influence policy and regulations in this space; and become an inclusive, neutral forum for regulators and policy-makers to convene with researchers, professionals, and technologists across Stanford and the wider blockchain community.


Conference Organizing Committee:

Tony Lai | Reuben Youngblom | Michael Schmitz | Kushagra Shrivastava

Riyanka Roy Choudhury  | Christine Jiang | Thibault Schrepel | Fatemeh Fannizadeh

Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis