Please join us on Friday, April 19 at Stanford Law School for a discussion on the rapidly expanding area of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).  In addition to guest speakers, the conference will include breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail hour reception.  SLATA, ADSA, ILS, and the Gould Negotiation and Mediation Program are co-sponsoring the event.

Location and Time

April 19, 9:00am-5:30pm

Room 180

Stanford Law School, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, CA 94305


This event is open to the Stanford community and the public, but participants are required to register.  Please see the registration page for additional information.

Conference Description

Although the capability for ODR has existed for years, the legal and technology communities are only beginning to bridge the gap between potential and actual use of ODR.  There are many open questions.  How will the promise of ODR to resolve disputes efficiently and fairly be realized?  How will ODR affect the practice of law?  What are the specific applications where ODR has provided and will provide the most benefit?  Is regulation of ODR needed at the national, transnational, or international levels?  Topics will include:

  • The impact of ODR on the Practice of Law
  • The technology of ODR
  • ODR in the International Arena

For a list of conference speakers and the schedule, please see the agenda.

Questions? Contact david.decarlo at stanford.edu and gouldprogram at law.stanford.edu.