Marissa Mayer

Former CEO and President, Yahoo! Inc.; Director, Walmart

Ms. Mayer stepped down as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of Yahoo! Inc (“Yahoo”), a digital media company, upon its acquisition by Verizon in June 2017. Since joining in 2012, Ms. Mayer led Yahoo’s focus as a guide to digital information discovery through search, communications, and digital content products. Ms. Mayer also helmed Yahoo’s digital advertising strategy across mobile, video, native, and social. Under her leadership, Yahoo grew to serve over 1 billion users worldwide, with over 600 million mobile users, and returned to the Fortune 500 in 2016. Prior to her role at Yahoo, Ms. Mayer spent 13 years at Google Inc. (“Google”) where she led various initiatives including Google Search for more than a decade, and other early stage products such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google News. Ms. Mayer holds a bachelor’s degree in symbolic systems and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. From March 2013 until October 2016, Ms. Mayer served on the board of directors for AliphCom, which operates as Jawbone. Ms. Mayer is a member of the board of directors for WalMart, and is a member of the boards of trustees of the SanFrancisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Ballet, and the foundation board for the Forum of Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum.


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