Breakout: The Board’s Role in Patent and IP Strategy

Intellectual property, whether in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets, accounts for an increasingly large portion of total company value.  Mishandled IP matters, whether litigation or otherwise, can be extremely costly to the company. Anticipating and addressing IP issues, particularly around patents, can present crucial strategic challenges to a publicly traded company. […]

Breakout: The New World of the Political Corporation

How should a board respond when a traditionally political question suddenly becomes a matter of corporate policy? Should CEOs and boards take positions on matters as diverse as gun safety laws, immigration, content control (for media platforms), gender issues, and presidential politics? How do customer and investor preferences play into that equation? An increasing number […]

Breakout: Digital Strategy and Disruption

The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the future of the retail industry, but the reality is that all industries need to be proactive about developing a digital strategy and anticipating potential disruption to their business models. The challenges that brick-and-mortar retailers face in responding to the threat of online competition are emblematic of the difficulties […]

Breakout: Dealing with Proxy Advisors

Proxy advisory firms are not going away. Frustrations with proxy advisors such as Glass Lewis and ISS are now a recurring and predictable part of the public company board experience. Though the scope of influence that proxy advisors wield is evolving, the strategies for responding to and managing proxy advisory influence are also expanding. This […]

Breakout: Board Composition and Performance

Focus on board composition, evaluation, and succession planning has never been greater. With the rise of activist investors, the advent of proxy access, the complexity of operating in a global marketplace, and the disruption of many industries, corporations are under increasing pressure to assemble a board with the right mix of experience, specialized skills, industry-specific […]

Breakout: Defend Your Company, Defend Yourself: Private Litigation Strategies

Private litigation risks facing directors, officers, and corporations are inevitable and increasingly complex. Securities class action lawsuits reached an unprecedented level in 2017, and companies on U.S. exchanges were more likely to be the subject of a class action than in any previous year. Derivative suits and the re-emergence of state court filings further add […]

Intensive: Succession Planning: Navigating the Market for CEO Talent

Many experienced directors and governance experts believe that hiring and firing the CEO is the board’s most important function. But little attention has been paid to the size and quality of the CEO market and how this talent market influences performance evaluation, compensation, succession planning, and talent development within an organization. This session will review […]

Intensive: Rethinking Executive Compensation Strategy

This advanced session is designed to provide experienced directors with additional tools and insights to engage in more effective strategic thinking and execution on matters of executive compensation.   The panel will review the latest trends in compensation, best practices for compensation committee process, the outcome of the first year of CEO pay ratio analysis, outlier […]

Intensive: Get Smart: Cybersecurity and the Board

This session will not transform you into a cyber-security expert. It will, however, help you become a more knowledgeable corporate director, better informed about state-of-the-art practices that corporations can deploy to reduce, but not eliminate, the risk that they will be victimized by a significant cyber-attack. It will also help you master the techniques that […]