Plenary Session: Hot Topics for Boards in 2021

Boards face increasingly fractious controversies. When should corporations or CEOs speak out on controversial political and social questions? How should boards respond to calls for increased boardroom diversity and throughout the corporation? How, if at all, should corporations adjust their approach to political contributions and lobbying? More prosaic, but no less difficult, are a range of novel, business challenges. What’s the best response to a ransomware demand? How should corporations address work-from-home and COVID safety concerns? What are the implications of the expansive new ESG disclosure mandates promised by the SEC? Seemingly trivial corporate housekeeping matters can also gain outsized significance if not properly managed. Did you know that using the wrong email address can cause the loss of attorney client privilege, or that corporate minutes that fail adequately to reflect a board’s deliberations can lead to discovery of directors’ emails and text messages and lead to expensive and easily avoidable litigation? This panel, in a focused, rapid-fire fashion, will address a series of contentious boardroom issues and describe emerging best practices that respond to these evolving pressures.


Location: Hopin Stage Date: June 21, 2021 Time: 9:55 am - 10:55 am Joseph A. Grundfest David F. Larcker Dambisa Moyo Anne Sheehan