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11:40am – 12:40pm

The Rule Systems Panel

Computational Law is the branch of Legal Informatics concerned with the mechanization of legal analysis (whether done by humans or by computers).  Predictive Analytics has brought the power of big data and computer processing to predicting the odds of certain legal outcomes.  Traditional “rule-based” approaches, on the other hand, can offer advantages in building systems capable of effective legal analysis.  This panel brings together experts to help us understand the prospects and problems associated with this classic approach to Computational Law.

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Summary of panel on Computational Law


3:15pm – 4:30pm

FutureLaw @5 Lightning Round

This year, CodeX FutureLaw turns five, and we ask these experts to share their thoughts on the following critical topics in legal tech:

  • Legal Education Reform in the Age of the Robolawyer
  • Building a Better Internet for Legal Help
  • ABA Report on the Future of Legal Services
  • LSC President Jim Sandman’s Update on 2017 Challenges and Opportunities
  • Why Law Firms Should Embrace Matter Standards

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