Blockchain Futures

In the 1st era of blockchain we have arguably witnessed the automation and expansion of some of the worst excesses of markets and financial institutions.

In the coming 2nd era of blockchain, how might we reimagine a world:

  • where prophylaxes are built-in to automate and expand the protection of the innocent;
  • where systems of identity, exchange, and empowerment are designed to work for everyone;
  • where we witness value flows and creation in contexts where trust is either expensive or non-existent?

The CodeX Blockchain Group has been convening for several years to research, publish, and nurture an inclusive, neutral forum to advance the potential of blockchain and distributed systems, and their impact in the field of law, both as legal infrastructure for technology-mediated economic and social activity, and as a technology that can enable better governance and improve access to legal systems and services.

Join us on April 14, 2023, in-person at Stanford Law School, and online, for our annual Blockchain Group conference, to discuss blockchain futures, policies and regulations, real-world use cases (beyond financial speculation), and challenges and opportunities in this ever-evolving ecosystem.

Topics to include:

  • Ecocoins; nature-based financial instruments; and measurement, reporting, and verification systems for carbon and biodiversity;
  • Privacy-preserving technologies; decentralized identity systems; and collective data management systems;
  • DAOs, collective governance, and commons management systems;
  • NFTs and decentralized intellectual property mechanisms;
  • Government procurement, transparency and accountability systems;
  • CBDCs and stablecoins;
  • Oracles and on-chain to off-chain bridges and provenance;
  • Best practices for teaching blockchain law and policy.

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