Justice Sotomayor Session Photos

–Stanford Law School Dean Jenny S. Martinez and the Planning Committee of the 2022 Inaugural Graciela Olivárez Latinas in the Legal Academy (“GO LILA”) Workshop welcomed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for a conversation moderated by N.Y. Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera. The 2022 Inaugural GO LILA Workshop included over 70 participants who joined for two days of programming aimed at supporting and mentoring Latinas in and aspiring to enter, succeed, and lead in the legal academy.

–Justice Sotomayor tells GO LILA participants that they and their students are the future Latina Justices and judges.

–Justice Sotomayor acknowledged that that she experiences imposter syndrome, but offered sage advice for overcoming it by urging participants to think about what they bring to the table that is unique.