TechPlomacy: How Denmark is prototyping foreign policy

by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Foreign and security policy, like all other sectors, has firmly entered the digital age. Technology is increasingly affecting geopolitics, human rights, security policy and global development with new opportunities as well as risks emerging. As a reaction, the rise of technological diplomacy (TechPlomacy) acknowledges the key role […]

Reading List for Prototyping for Policy

Want to get started on the topics of policy design and prototyping? Dig into some of these articles and research. See our full list of articles, websites, and case studies here on a shared group at Mendeley. Have more to add? Send it to us to add it in! — Aguirre Núñez, Guillermo. 2018. “Citizen Participation […]

Prototyping in Policy: What For?!

by Verena Kontschieder Prototyping in Policy — What For?! If you ask The Economist, design researchers at Stanford, or EU policy-makers the same question — “What’s a recent and potentially impactful case of policy prototyping?” — you’re probably going to hear a similar answer. They will very likely quote what has become known as the Finnish two-year ‘experiment’. This project was meant to serve […]

How do we get to more ambitious civic innovation?

by Margaret Hagan One of our driving motives for this Summit is to understand how we can run better experiment versions of new rules-changes, policies, and system designs. If we aspire to make systemic change, and big impact on multi-stakeholder, wicked problems — how can we adapt the design spirit of rough, cheap prototyping and […]

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