Joshua Walker (moderator)


Joshua Walker is the CEO of System.Legal, a full service law & AI practice, supporting law firm, technology, financial, and government / judicial clients, by leveraging legal, empirical, and engineering systems to address acute problems in IP, data, risk, and technology product development.  He is the author of “On Legal AI” (Full Court Press, 2019) ( and previously co-founded CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.  He also co-founded Lex Machina, where he served as CEO and Chief Legal Architect.

Walker seeks to improve micro and macro outcomes in governance by applying AI [and empirical science] to law, as well as the converse.  While still leveraging the traditions and toolboxes of good lawyering, we refer to this as “Legal Engineering”.  Indeed, it is not impossible that “legal AI”, and legal subsystems, are prerequisites for reaching regulatory equilibrium in governing AI.

Walker received his A.B., m.c.l., from Harvard College (Special Concentration in Conflict Studies) and his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, where he was a Cornerstone Scholar.

He argues that if the future could vote on the best uses of time for present physicists, attorneys, scholars, engineers, and musicians, this manner of conference, and its progeny, may be near the top of the list.

Joshua Walker (moderator)



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