Stanford Responsible Quantum Technology Conference

Quantum-ELSPI: Ethical, Legal, Social, and Policy Implications of Quantum Technology

WHEN May 22, 2023

The 21th century is the Quantum Age. Anticipating spectacular advancements in second
generation quantum technologies that directly harness quantum mechanical phenomena
such as superposition, entanglement, and tunneling, the time is ripe for governments,
academia and the market to prepare regulatory and business strategies that balance their
societal impact. The potential transformative power of quantum technologies urges us to
proceed responsibly.

As with any emerging technology, there are significant interrelated ethical, legal, socio-
economic, and policy implications that must be proactively considered while fostering a
thriving value-based quantum ecosystem. This conference brings together the quantum
community to discuss informed suggestions on how to balance maximizing benefits and
mitigating risks of applied quantum technology in state of the art quantum computing,
sensing, simulation, communication, and quantum-classical hybrids in diverse
multidisciplinary settings, taking a pro-innovation stance.

In addition to conceptualizing what Responsible Quantum Technology amounts to and
exploring exciting novel quantum use cases together, this year’s edition intends to deliver
insights and actionable recommendations on how, where, and when to address identified
opportunities and challenges within the nexus of quantum and AI. These insights can then be
refined into plausible, evidence-based policy decisions by stakeholders across the world,
steering towards beneficial societal outcomes.

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