Panel 3: Gender and Politics Inside and Outside the Courts

DISCUSSANTS: Joanna Grossman Herman Phleger Visiting Professor of Law Stanford Law School Gulika Reddy Assistant Professor Director, International Human Rights Clinic Stanford Law School CHAIR: Mariana Castrellon JSD Candidate, SPILS Teaching Fellow, and Lecturer in Law Stanford Law School PANELISTS: Marie Wako JSD Candidate Stanford Law School Author, Female Voice in the Courtroom: Effects of […]

Panel 2: Race, Law, and Civil Rights Movements

DISCUSSANT: Richard Thompson Ford George E. Osborne Professor of Law Stanford Law School CHAIR: Gloria Paidamoyo Chikaonda J.S.D. Candidate and SIGF Fellow Stanford Law School PANELISTS: Andrew Lanham Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law Harvard Law School Author, W.E.B. Du Bois and the Long Antiwar Movement: How African American Antiwar Activists Reimagined Civil Rights and […]