Panel 3: Gender and Politics Inside and Outside the Courts

Joanna Grossman
Herman Phleger Visiting Professor of Law
Stanford Law School

Gulika Reddy
Assistant Professor
Director, International Human Rights Clinic
Stanford Law School

Mariana Castrellon
JSD Candidate, SPILS Teaching Fellow, and Lecturer in Law
Stanford Law School

Marie Wako
JSD Candidate
Stanford Law School
Author, Female Voice in the Courtroom: Effects of the Participation of Female Judges in Japanese Criminal Cases

Natalia Niedmann Álvarez
JSD Candidate and PhD Candidate in History
University of Chicago
Author, Legal Feminism without Roe

Victor Yuhang Wu
JD Candidate
Stanford Law School
Author, How the Supreme Court’s Partisan Composition Affects Support for Nominees in a Post-Roe Era: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment