Join us at the happy hour for a poster session of student-collaborator projects.


The Anatomy of [In]Direct Swarming and Its Impact on Democracies
Eirliani Abdul Rahman (Harvard University)

From Flowers to Fascism: The Cottagecore to Tradwife Pipeline on Tumblr
Oliver Allen (Network Science Institute at Northeastern University)

The Unseen A+ Student: Evaluating the Performance and Detectability of Generative AI Models in High School Assignments
Matyas Bohacek (Gymnasium of Johannes Kepler)

AIPasta: Modelling & Evaluating Threats of Language Models in Multilingual CopyPasta Campaigns
Saloni Dash (University of Washington)

Not So Black and White: Perceptions of Racism on Social Media
Maggie Harrington and Jennifer Eberhardt (Stanford University)

Loaded Language and Conspiracy Theorizing
Emily Klein (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Jim Hendler (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Jen Golbeck (University of Maryland, College Park)

The Impact of Platform Architecture Characteristics and Moral Values on Polarization in Social Media: The Context of Vigilantism
Shalini Kapali Kurumathur (The University of Texas at San Antonio); Govind Hariharan (Kennesaw State University); Rohit Valecha (The University of Texas at San Antonio); H. Raghav Rao (The University of Texas at San Antonio)

MediaWise en Español: A Longitudinal Digital Media Literacy Intervention to Improve Misinformation Discernment in English and Spanish
Angela Lee (Stanford University); Ryan Moore (Stanford University); Chenyan Jia (Stanford University); Sunny Liu (Stanford University); Jeff Hancock (Stanford University)

The Algorithmic Amplifier: A Study on TikTok, Adolescents, and Misinformation Dissemination
Sunny Liu (Stanford University); Grace Smita Kaur Bagga (Stanford University); Allyson Elizabeth Bunch (Stanford University); Bryan Defjan (Stanford University); Helen Georgina Moore (Stanford University)

Ranking the Best of Trust and Safety Practices
Shubhi Mather (UC Berkeley)

Effects of Online Ideological Group Rhetoric on Perceptions of Credibility
Ivan Ramirez (University of Oklahoma); Tyler Johnson (University of Oklahoma); Ares Boria Lopez (University of Oklahoma)

Meta-problems: Government Access to Data in the Metaverse
Simon Sun (Indiana University, Maurer School of Law); Attamongkol Tantratian (Indiana University, Maurer School of Law); María del Mar Diez Henao (ECIX Tech)

Defining Effective Data Privacy Legislation
Darshan Vijaykumar (Duke University)

Eyes of the Street: Surveillance Urbanism from Above and Below in Prospect Park and Surrounding Neighborhoods
Mia Winther-Tamaki (Columbia University)

DATE: September 28, 2023
TIME: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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