Rebecca Eisenberg

Rebecca Eisenberg has served as an executive, entrepreneur and attorney in the technology industry for more than two decades.

Currently, Ms. Eisenberg owns and operates a boutique law firm, Private Client Legal Services (PCLS), focusing on employment agreements, angel investments and other transactions that involve private company stock.  She assists executives and founders when they join companies, leave companies, and when their companies are acquired.  Her clients include some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs, as well as the new ventures they fund and create.

Prior to PCLS, Ms. Eisenberg served as General Counsel or senior counsel of numerous notable technology companies, including Vouch Financial, Trulia, Flip Video/Pure Digital Technologies, AdBrite and reddit.   She was the founding GC of Vouch, reddit, Trulia and AdBrite.  At reddit, Ms. Eisenberg led successful spin-off of “The Front Page of the Internet” from its prior parent company, Conde Nast.   At Trulia, she put in place the legal systems in order to prepare the company for its successful IPO.   At Flip Video, she handled the $650 merger with Cisco Systems.  At AdBrite, she handled Venture Capital investments totaling $23 million of preferred stock.

Known as one of the few women considered to be part of the “PayPal Mafia,” Ms. Eisenberg joined the online payments company in 2001 and assisted with its IPO, secondary offering, and consequent merger with eBay Inc. for $1.2 billion.  Staying with the merged entity, Ms. Eisenberg then led and managed the commercial legal function at PayPal, growing her team to 15 professionals, and helping to grow PayPal’s enterprise revenues from the ground up to $1 billion annually.

Ms. Eisenberg also served as a technology columnist and journalist, who contributed to numerous publications in the mid-to-late 1990’s.  Her bi-weekly column in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle, Net Skink, reached 2 million readers and ran for four years.  Her weekly column in CBS MarketWatch, NoveauGeek, as well as other articles published in Wired, Upside, Fast Company, Red Herring and Ms. Magazine, earned her the award of “Top 25 Women on the Web” in 1999.

Ms. Eisenberg holds a BA (Phi Beta Kappa, with distinction and honors) in Decision Sciences from Stanford University, and a JD (cum laude) from Harvard Law School, where she served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

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