Brian Crist

VP of Payments, Legal at eBay

Brian Crist is Vice President for Payments at eBay. Brian leads eBay’s global legal and compliance teams focused on payments, risk, and new financial products. He is the senior legal and compliance executive responsible for eBay’s operation of its global payments platform.

Previously Brian was Chief Payments Counsel at Uber. At Uber he led and built from the ground up Uber’s legal and compliance functions focused on payments, risk, banking and other financial services. Brian and his team played a critical role in Uber’s payments partnerships and in Uber’s development of myriad financial products. Brian was a key member of the senior management teams at Uber charged with building and maintaining Uber’s global payments systems and successfully scaled Uber’s financial services legal and compliance functions during a period of massive growth at the company.

Prior to Uber, Brian was Chief Counsel at Citi for a major business unit focused on the development of innovative digital payments products and also led the team supporting all legal matters involving payment networks such as Visa and MasterCard.

Brian has a significant background in counseling companies domestically and internationally on the development and commercialization of innovative payment and commerce products and is an expert on the legal, regulatory, and business issues that they raise.

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