Zhang Chengqiang

Mr. Chengqiang Zhang graduated from the Renmin University of China. He has served China’s National Development and Reform Commission — Energy Research Institute, the National Renewable Energy Center, and other National Energy Administration Departments. Currently, Mr.Zhang works as Assistant President of Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd., an international photovoltaic leading company in the renewable energy industry.

Mr. Zhang has been intensively engaging in renewable energy policy-making, industrial planning, and international cooperation for a long time. He has participated in the national energy policy drafting work on “China’s 13th Five-Year plan for renewable energy development”, “China 13th Five-Year plan for solar energy development”, and “Clean heating plan for Northern China in Winter (2017-2020)”. He also took charge of the development of the national photovoltaic pioneer base, the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, and the development of a GW-level large-scale renewable energy base. He carried out research and study on a series of impactful projects, which include “Quota system and Green Certificate”, “Distributed photovoltaic electricity generation project management”, “Renewable energy generation cost reduction roadmap”, and “National energy development strategy by 2050”, etc. He was also responsible for international cooperation with International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Germany, the United States, India, the World Bank, Asia Development Bank, etc.

While working with Jinko Power Company, Mr.Zhang was mainly responsible for managing the strategic work for the whole group corporation. He is in charge of the corporation’s business development strategy, promoting key projects such as GW level photovoltaic base development, distributed renewable generation projects, and energy storage projects. His strategic work also focuses on the exploration and forward-looking layout of innovative business.

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