Breakout Session: The New World of Corporate Taxation

The new Trump Administration has promised sweeping personal and corporate tax reform. Press reports suggest major initiatives to reduce marginal rates, significantly alter the deductibility of various expenses (including, most controversially, interest expenses), and perhaps also dramatically to alter the taxation of imports and exports in an effort to increase domestic employment. Proposals also abound […]

Breakout Session: Corporate Behavior and the New Sustainability Regime

A range of companies have pursued sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) related initiatives as voluntary measures for decades. Even the terms themselves have several different meanings in corporate governance parlance. CSR and sustainability have become mandatory strategic consideration for issuers and their boards. In recent years, shareholders expect boards to understand and exercise more […]

Intensive Seminar – Shareholder Activism and Engagement

Shareholder activism is not going away. A large percentage of boards that learn that an activist has accumulated a toehold position negotiate to place at least one activist director on the board. Is this the smartest move? Some large institutional investors complain that boards succumb too quickly, when they shouldn’t at all. How and when […]