Breakout Session: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Spinoffs

Merger and acquisition activity continues at a heated pace, as business considerations cause massive restructurings and the legal regime evolves new standards by which to judge transactions. This panel takes a very practical, board-oriented approach to the M&A market. How should an independent director approach an M&A transaction whether on the buy or sell side […]

Intensive Seminar – Board Composition, Evaluation, and Refreshment

Focus on board composition, evaluation, and succession planning has never been greater. With the rise of activist investors, the advent of proxy access, the complexity of operating in a global marketplace, and the disruption of many industries, corporations are under increasing pressure to assemble a board with the right mix of experience, specialized skills, industry-specific […]

Breakout Session: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

A consensus of reliable scientific literature, in a review of already proven (albeit not yet broadly deployed) technologies, forecasts that by 2025 as many as half of the tasks performed by white-collar professionals and most managers and executives will be more efficiently performed by artificially intelligent or similarly capable expert systems.  This trend may upend […]

Plenary Session: The Global Economy & Corporate Strategy

The global economy is in an extraordinary state of flux. The Trump administration has amplified uncertainty in many parts of the economy, energy price fluctuations have strained markets, central banks remain confounded by the risks of deflation and the fear of inflation, the strong dollar is complicating global trade, the Chinese economy (and stock market) […]

Breakout Session: Culture, Ethics and Compliance

A variety of headline-grabbing incidents in the past year—Wells Fargo being perhaps the most notable example—have made clear the importance of “tone at the top” within any business enterprise, and the critical role that corporate culture can play in reinforcing (or undermining) efforts to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory mandates. But how can a […]