Ole Andersen

Ole Andersen is Chairman of Danske Bank A/S, Bang & Olufsen A/S and Chr. Hansen Holding A/S.

Additionally, Ole Andersen is a member of the Board of Directors of DenmarkBridge and the Board of Directors of The Human Practice Foundation as well as a member of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance and the Nomination Committee of Nasdaq Nordic Ltd.

In 2015, Ole Andersen was appointed Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School. Ole Andersen is co-founder of The Board Leadership Society in Denmark and a highly valued faculty member at CBS Board programs, which he has been part of since their inception in 2013. His role in creating a high academic and professional level with i.a. the Board Leadership Masterclass has been vital.

In 2015, Ole Andersen was also appointed Chairman of the Year in Denmark. The motivation behind the nomination was that he always focuses on setting the right team based on a continuous evaluation of the composition of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

Ole Andersen holds a M.Sc. in Business Economics and Auditing and is a State-Authorised Public Accountant.

He has worked within Investment Banking and Private Equity, and for more than 25 years, he has held senior leadership positions in corporate finance and the PE industry.

From 1984 to 1989, Ole Andersen worked as an accountant with Arthur Andersen & Co.

In 1991, the Swedish investment bank Alfred Berg asked Ole Andersen to establish their corporate finance activities in Denmark. Ole Andersen became known as an innovative investment banker and the client list came to include e.g. the Danish government, SAS, and ISS.

In 1997, Volvo sold its Alfred Berg activities to the Dutch bank ABN Amro. At the same time, the Swedish bank SEB wanted to recapture its strong market position from the 1980s and establish itself in Denmark and Ole Andersen became Managing Director, Head of SEB Corporate Finance, Danmark. Within one year, SEB Corporate Finance became market leader, profitable and the preferred advisor to the Danish trade and industry. In 2000, Ole Andersen was appointed Global MD, Global Head of SEB Corporate Finance.

In 2003, Ole Andersen was appointed senior partner in EQT Partners in Denmark and stood behind EQT’s and Goldman Sach’s takeover of ISS. He stepped down as senior partner in 2008, but remains senior advisor to EQT.

Since 2008, Ole Andersen has increasingly focused on board work in large listed companies and based on his experience particularly from private equity and his professional experience and expertise in leading and developing large financial and non-financial international companies, he always plays an active role in his board work.

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