Plenary Session: Preventing and Recovering from a Corporate Crisis

Every board has to be ready to deal with an existential crisis, but many boards have revealed themselves to be unprepared when faced with the challenge. This session will review best practices for identifying crisis-level risk exposures and for implementing effective, practical responses. The panel will focus in particular on patterns common to board-level crisis […]

Plenary Session: Board Refreshment, Boardroom Culture, and Director Independence

Focus on board composition, evaluation, and succession planning has never been greater. With legislation mandating diversity on boards, the rise of activist investors, the complexity of operating in a global marketplace, the disruption of many industries, and increasing attention to directorial independence, corporations are under increasing pressure to assemble a board with the right mix […]

Plenary Session: Hot Topics for Boards in 2021

Boards face increasingly fractious controversies. When should corporations or CEOs speak out on controversial political and social questions? How should boards respond to calls for increased boardroom diversity and throughout the corporation? How, if at all, should corporations adjust their approach to political contributions and lobbying? More prosaic, but no less difficult, are a range […]