Plenary: The Global Economy and Corporate Strategy

The global economy continues to be in an extraordinary state of flux. COVID, an unprecedented modern human tragedy, has continued to cause a massive shock to domestic economies and to the global supply chain. The United States’ powerful fiscal and monetary response creates a confluence of historic macroeconomic conditions with implications, including inflation concerns and […]

Plenary Session: Anticipating and Recovering from a Corporate Crisis

Every board has to be ready to deal with an existential crisis, but many boards have revealed themselves to be unprepared when faced with the challenge. This session will review best practices for identifying crisis-level risk exposures and for implementing effective, practical responses. The panel will focus in particular on patterns common to board-level crisis […]

Plenary Session: ESG Action Items for Corporate Directors

An increasing number of institutional investors, employees, and consumers are expressing interest in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors. President Biden has made tackling climate change an administration priority, and the pandemic and widespread racial justice movements have helped push social issues into the spotlight. Boards–and even individual directors–are facing heightened scrutiny on how they […]